Few are called to the Kobo Squad

Working side by side with smart, coachable, and highly motivated individuals solving some of the biggest Logistics and Financing problems in Africa. If you survive Kobo, you will survive anything in life and I have witnessed two ex-Squad join global companies and most people that leave either go to Ivy league MBA or get 3X their salaries because they exhibit exceptional traits.

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Kobo360 is full of professional talents who are passionate about moving Africa forward. Our teams collaborate to build and execute products and solutions that simplify the supply chain ecosystem.

Our values are creativity, ownership, accountability, and execution, which is vital to moving forward. With teams in 7 African countries, we are constantly growing and building a squad of goal-oriented, focused and hands-on individuals.

Hear from our Squad

Beautiful squad

"Working in Kobo360 makes you a natural problem-solver knowing that the work you constantly do directly impacts people's lives."

Beautiful squad

Tosin Adesipe

VP Technology Officer.

Beautiful squad

Moving People Forward with opportunities.

Kobo360 offers compensational benefits with global standards that rewards and value the impact you contribute to our organisation.


Health & Wellness

Premium medical, dental, and vision health insurance plans, including fertility coverage.


Work-life Balance

Flexible vacation days for all our employees. Off-time and sick days for team members. Paid Parental Leave to support our Kobo families.



Competitive salary for our employees with annual performance reviews. Meaningful equity opportunities.


Flexible work support

Monthly WiFi support while working from home and daily lunch with us while working in one of our offices.

Our Values

Our squad are individuals with exceptional skills and attributes that takes their career to the next level.

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Results Matter

What sets us apart in Kobo is our focus on execution. We simply get it done.. Our ability to produce results that outperform others is what earned us a track record to be proud of - Africa’s leading transportation company - attracting global recognition and investors

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Responsibility equals Ownership.Taking complete ownership of your results and solely taking responsibility is the most powerful trait to drive your own success.

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Today is sure, do not wait for tomorrow.Excuses are easy, Act now! Get it over with and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

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Accountability is a self driven skill.Act swiftly, stay proactive! Give feedback and report without delay.


Please send your cv(resume) to careers@kobo360.com