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About KoboWIN

KoboWIN is a Kobo360 product that allows members of the public (individual investor or pool of investors) to invest in a reliable truck with a seed investment of N14m per truck.

For Drivers

A chance to complete trips and earn a monthly salary even as you work towards owning your truck


A chance to earn alternative income with steady cash flows that requires minimal monitoring and no skill acquisition


An opportunity to replace the fleet of bad trucks thereby reducing industry-wide truck breakdowns, road-based accidents and lower carbon footprint


A sustainable solution that guarantees safe, on-time and in-full delivery of products and services by professional drivers using reliable assets

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KoboWIN is a Kobo360 product that allows members of the public (individual investor or pool of investors) to invest in a reliable truck with a seed investment of N14m per truck

The primary goal of the initiative is to inject at least 20,000 fairly used, road worthy trucks into the logistics space.

These trucks will be managed using the Kobo360 platform and will help deliver more than 60 million tonnes of FMCG across Nigeria effectively reducing the truck availability problem in Nigeria

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Stable & Profitable

With KoboWIN, you have guarantee on investment and the return. Earnings on investment occur periodically and you have option to re-invest. Steady cash flows for investment. (monthly returns of at least N500k for 72 months)

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Don't have enough money to invest in KoboWIN ?
don't worry,With KoboWIN, you can have a joint investment with friends and family in purchasing a truck and share proceeds and earnings together

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24/7 Customer Support

We have dedicated customer support who are ready to provide necessary assistance when you need it.Our passion is your investing experience. If you ever feel we've missed the mark, let us know. We'll do everything we can to make it right.

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You’re a long-term investor. Our web, mobile platforms give you everything you need to track your investments, earnings received with cash out options. You can also manage your portfolio with access to real-time quotes and monthly or yearly profitable ratios.

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Questions you often ask

What is KoboWIN?

Kobo Wealth Initiative Network is a crowdfunded truck asset financing platform that citizens can invest in and earn money. The truck is paired with a highly qualified driver who uses the truck asset on a dedicated service to move goods for our top clients such as Olam, Honeywell Flour, DHL and more.

How safe is KoboWIN?

KoboWIN is very safe. Your trucks are insured as well as the goods placed on the truck. We have partnered with Leadway, the country’s top leading insurance provider to give you the best insurance guarantee. The trucks are also fitted with state-of the art tracking devices which give you real time location updates on your investment

How can I monitor my truck and my money?

You are provided with a custom web dashboard and mobile application that fully details the activity of your investment; it’s location, the company it’s servicing, and amount paid per trip. The dashboard also logs the maintenance schedule of your truck

Is there a place to park my truck(s)?

Kobo has partnered with several accredited truck parks and unions nationwide. For a small fee, your trucks can be parked at any of our locations

Who handles maintenance of my truck?

Kobo has partnered with independent qualified mechanics and auto parts suppliers to perform routine scheduled maintenance on your truck assets. You are also welcome to handle the maintenance and servicing

How much is an investment?


What about the ROI?

Check out our ROI calculator above. On a N14m investment, you stand earn returns of 342% in 6 years

Who provides and manages the driver(s)?

Kobo provides, manages and trains the driver. We hire, and train qualified and experienced truck drivers. The drivers come in once a month for training retraining. The drivers are paid by the number of trips they complete

When do I get paid?

Payment is processed out of your Kobo wallet, on the last day of every month and usually takes 2 – 4 business days to reflect in your account.

Can I reinvest my money?

Of course, please ask one of our qualified account executives on how you can reinvest your earnings

How much can I make monthly?

Our KoboWin investors typically earn N450k to N1m per month

What is the minimum investment to open an account?

Minimum Investment you can make is ₦2M. However, you can invest up to ₦1.1B or team up to raise an higher investment.

How do I get started?

Enter your details in the form above, and we will get back to you as soon as possible..
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If I change my mind, can I get refund?

You can apply for a refund option on your account. Refund might take a few weeks depending on the current value of the asset (Truck), after depreciated value has been evaluated and deducted.

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