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Kobo360 is a tech-enabled logistics platform that aggregates end-to-end haulage operations to help cargo owners, truck owners, drivers, and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework.

Through an all-in-one robust logistics ecosystem, Kobo uses big data and technology to reduce logistics frictions, empowering rural farmers to earn more by reducing farm wastages and helping manufacturers of all sizes to find new markets.

Kobo enables unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction in the supply chain, providing 360-visibility while delivering products of all sizes safely, on time and in full. The Kobo mission is to build the Global Logistics Operating System that will power trade and commerce across Africa and Emerging Markets.

Flatbed Trucks

This state of the art equipment offer customers a unique service because of its versatility in loading. With Flatbed trucks cargo can be loaded from the top and sides. Also, with a continuously flat surface, this method of transporting goods is more versatile than others. The use of a flatbed truck extends across industries, whether you are in transportation, construction, or general manufacturing, these trucks are vital to any fleet operation.

Open Body Truck

This is a standard equipment used to transport packed, non temperature-sensitive cargo and can be used just about anywhere. The curtained sides are secured to the truck’s tie rails with pocket-style straps. Front and back curtain tensioners hold the curtain sides taut lengthwise. Straps can withstand up to 3,000 pounds’ load tension. Welded vertical pockets with inner straps prevent strap wear and tear

Covered Body Truck

Our covered body trucks are tautliners that are fitted with tear resistant singlewide tires that impart stability. They also offer more cargo capacity and access than a cargo van which makes it a more economical option. The trucks are built to be strong and meet the safety requirements of the Environment Protection Regulations.